10 Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

1. Make an accurate and honest assessment of your physical, financial, mental, and lifestyle needs.

2. Visit as many facilities as you can to get a sense of the choices in your area.

3. Narrow down your selection to the top two or three choices, and return to those facilities and ask lots of questions.

4. Ask to review a copy of the Resident Agreement (facility contract).

5. Ask to review the licensing or certification inspection report.

6. Call the Long Term Care Ombudsman program and ask if there are complaints about the facilities you are interested in. Contact the ElderCare Locator at 1-800-677-1116 or www.eldercare.gov to find your local ombudsman who are advocates for assisted living and nursing home residents.

7. Make an unannounced visit to the facilities you are interested in. Talk with the residents and their family members about the facility.

8. Ask what conditions or circumstances may result in the need to relocate or move to another facility.

9. Ask what the baseline fee is and what services are included in that fee? Ask what are additional charges for services/products?

10. Choose the facility that comes closest to your needs. Source: CCAL